koi hain???

Its been ages since I visited my own blog..infact I had forgotten the user name and the password as well.. LOL.. and after making many attempts, I was able to login..it was almost like being liked out of one’s own house..( the house where he seldom stays)..

Anyway, I think major blame should go to FACEBOOK ( really??) well..at least some blame should go to FACEBOOK where you get most of the updates of your friends..and you feel as though you are still in touch, but to be honest, you are not in touch except for liking his/her pics or random comments that you pass. There is no thought process involved, its almost by rote

I have nobody else but myself to blame for that. I was busy and I could hardly keep in touch with my dear friends. I don’t know if we have drifted apart or just got busier, but I seriously miss my friends..but is it really that difficult to connect to the people you shared such wonderful times with?? OR is it only me, being so senti and foolish??

But I want to keep my fingers crossed and hope its not the end of something so wonderful..