come one come all…

I was thinking about the good old days when I spent hours jumping from one blog to another, commenting and replying to the comments received. Sometimes it was just for fun, other times it was serious thought process and I got to see so many different perspectives. All in all, it was fun.
And coming back to these days, I hardly find time to finish books that I keep ordering from Flipcart, there is always an invisible to-do list on my mind which keep growing every minute. And to think of it, I am still living with my parents. We are six adults at home plus my little one..but at the end of the day miraculously we all feel totally drained out. I have never handled little boys, I seriously don’t know from where do they get all that energy and ideas to invent new pranks.
A lot has changed, I have changed too. But I really miss those old days, it feels as though we have suddenly grown old and boring. Common guys, wake up.. it was so much fun, remember? And no one out there is going to judge you coz we all have kind of grown up together for those few years. Marriage, responsibilities, priorities, kids.. I know, I know! But let’s rediscover the happiness we derived by sharing our thoughts with like minded people. Even if it sounds selfish, lets exclusively keep a few minutes of the day for ourselves and write..
And as I was typing my last word, my little one who had been out with my younger sis has now its time for me to run.. but I WILL BE BACK..AND YOU BETTER BE THERE..OK GUYS?