I am a complete movie buff. I just can not imagine my life without films. My parents said that I never ever cried or disturbed them in the theater while watching any movie ( I was one year old then!) and my earliest memories of going to watch a movie – ‘Ram aur Shyam’ in Topiwaala Theater, Goregaon. Me and my kid sister went to see this movie along with my uncle ,who was our movies-in-charge till the the timeĀ  he got married, and changed his loyalties!
If there is a record for watching crappy movies, I will be sure to win it. My summer vacation was solely devoted to watch movies, 2 per day ( sometimes even three! ) and that was VCR zamaana. Our summer holidays were spent in Bangalore. The video cassette shop was just a hop-skip and jump away, my uncle was generous, so there was no stopping me.
I remember fighting over Shahenshah with my cousins. It was Mr. India vs Shahenshah. I had recently watched Shahenshah and my cousins were bragging about Mr. India. For me Amitabh Bachhan was the ultimate hero, hence no other movie could be better than his movie, and we were all the time fighting about it. The fight went on for several days, and we did not speak to each other for a couple of days!
But of course, I didn’t have any understanding of cinema then, I enjoyed everything I watched, remembered all the songs by heart. Now I feel ashamed to think of my choice (?) of movies and music,
but I was just like a dry sponge which absorbs any liquid.
Then there were radio programs- Venus Sangeet Sarita and Cibaaca Geet Maala and many others. That was pre-cable TV Zamaana, and movies were promoted on Radio big time..A few dialogues, catchy phrases like ‘is saal ki sabse dhamaakedaar film’ , and few songs- I knew it all by heart.
There was this movie- IZZAT and a song in it which was popular with kids that time, ‘ Neela na peela na laal gulaabi, jhoothe ka mooh kaala.. kya yaad karega saala, maine saale ho rang daala!’
We were good kids, and knew that ‘Saala’ is not a nice word, but it was impossible to not to sing a song which was really ‘IN’, so me and my kid sister replaced the word ‘SAALA’ with ‘DASH DASH’ and the song went on like this, ‘Neela na peela na laal gulaabi, jhoote ka mooh kaala..kya yaad karge DASH DASH, maine DASH DASH ko rang daala! ‘
It was QSQT which changed everything for me. First time in my life, I learnt to see the difference between a good movie and a bad one. Learnt to appreciate good music and started paying attention to lyrics. QSQT made me sit down and notice different aspects of cinema. Whenever I saw a movie, I paid attention to the credits and noticed the name of director, music director, screen play writer and choreographer. I also started listening to old hindi film songs, and enjoyed it. Gradually started enjoying Ghazals, and Maraasim remains my favorite till date.
I think I have come a long way from watching rubbish like ‘ Sone pe Suhaaga’ and ‘Rakhwaala’ to watching ‘Udaan’. There was a time when I thought ‘Toofaan’ is a classic movie, and loved to sing’ aaya aaya toofaan, bhaaga bhaaga shaitaan’ ;P
I am sure all of us have gone thru this phase..we love certain things as kids, and when we grow up feel ashamed of our choices..LOL
Do you have any such list? Did you guys ever try to copy a hairstyle or used a punch-line or loved any paunchy melodramatic hero ?
If yes, then I would love to hear it all.. the more the merrier!