Random thoughts of 2010

Lot many things are happening in our lives and 2010 is no different from any other year, but then each day brings something new to us.

I made a list of random things in no particular order-

1.Ricky is finally getting married today on 25th Dec 2010Ā  and I very happy for him šŸ˜€ Ricky finally found someone who could make aaloo-parathas for him.. hehe šŸ™‚ Congrats Ricks..lots of best wishes to you and HK šŸ™‚

2. Vegetables are costing more and more every day, and call rates are dropping. Kya hum baaton se hi pet bhar le?

3. Netas are really the most shameless creatures ever seen..Thick skinned shameless creatures who survive on(other peoples’ hard earned) money..yes, that’s the definition for a Politician. As a tax payer, it bothers me a lot..grrrrrrrr

4.Tandu uncle is grinning a lot more these days.. kya baat hain Chandu?

5. Kasab is still alive and kicking..I want to see him being hanged till death before I die..

6.Katrina and Salmaan Khan finally called it off.. to be very frank it doesnt make any difference to me, but it has made headlines so many times that I had to write this..hehe!

7. I completed 5 years of my marriage, my god..I just can’t believe that I have been married for 5 years..I am sure even P feels the same, coz I make the same mistakes which makes him angry even today, and he is as irritating as he was..hehe.. jokes apart, we really have not matured enough and we are going to remain this way rest of our lives!

8. I am in love again, this time its Ranbir Kapoor * blushing*

9. What happened to my blogger friends, suddenly all of them have stopped blogging..common guys, start blogging again..remember all that fun we used to have?

10. I have lots of hopes from 2011.. I hope this year will bring lots of peace, happiness, bangalore metro,some wonderful books, lots of good movies and music and happiness in our lives. Less corruption, correction in food prices, and lots of exciting things happening next year. I hope I will get the hear lots of good news next year..marriages,babies, promotions, lots travel and all happy happy things from everyone..


On this positive thought IĀ  end my post here..see you all next year šŸ˜€