I am reading and re-re-reading again!

I finished  reading ‘The Truth About Me—A Hijra Life Story‘ by A.Revathi. I really don’t know if I liked this book or not, but its got imprinted on my mind for sure, since its not a fiction, and this is the first time I have come across this topic, it will stay in my mind forever. I just felt blessed to be born into a a sexual majority,  a woman..those who are born into a sexual minority have a very difficult life as well all know. The book made me feel depressed..there are so many types of pain, sufferings that you do not know how to help all those people. As though leading a simple life itself isn’t a challenge enough, god has created so many problems..floods, accidents, murders, diseases, wars,dowry deaths,racism..and what not.

But as an addition, if one is born as a Hijra, then just imagine how the life would be. You’ll be denied most basic rights. People who are hearing impaired, visually impaired, handicapped do suffer too..they have to struggle a lot to lead a normal life, but they are treated with sympathy  in most of the cases. We do not treat them as animals, whereas if one is born as a Hijra, his life is considered worthless.  A Hijra will be denied of an identity, as though he is transparent, no body can see him.. no body can hear he does not exist. Because we are in majority, we have right to decide who should be allowed to live with dignity and who should be treated worse than animals.

Though we play a major role in their sufferings, they too are responsible to a certain extent. Greed for money and power, territorial war and blind-faith has added more problems to their lives.

A.Revathi is now working as an activist with Sangama, an NGO for sexual minorities. I hope more and more people realize that hating each other under some or the other pretext is not going to take us anywhere. Nothing in life is constant, all we can do is, allow each person to live a life of dignity.

I am currently reading ‘An Endless Winter Night‘- An Anthology Of Mother-Daughter Stories. It’s a collection short stories, and some of the stories are brilliant.

I must mention  JUSTREAD.COM here, they have a home pick up and drop facility and though they charge Rs.50/- per book,  which is slightly more than it should have been, it’s still worth. It’s slightly expensive for the people like me who have got nothing else to do, and finish reading a book within two days..but then I don’t have  any circulating library near my place, and can not / do not want to buy all the books that I read..if there is a book I would like to own, I can buy it later from any bookstore, so I have a choice. They charge a 500 Rs. refundable deposit, which can be paid online.

That’s all for now.. Have you guys read any good book off late? If you have, then please let me know about it.


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  1. Sum
    Sep 03, 2010 @ 09:54:08

    There are so many things Around us that we just ignore or fail to notice. Such books may help us in at least knowing about things…

    Thanks for sharing abt the books…. Do write such reviews for whatever you read… it’ll help ppl like us, who read about one book in 2-3 weeks.
    I just finished Paulo Coelho’s Eleven minutes. But well, i have not formed any opinion on it. More abt it later.

    Now I want to read ‘An Endless Winter Night’ after hearing from u…. That reminds me, my mom got ‘Masthi Kadambari Prashasthi’ for 2010, for a novel that she has written! It’s one of the prestigious awards in Kannada for newbies. If u can manage kannada, here’s the link –



    • preeti prasad
      Sep 03, 2010 @ 13:01:40

      First of all, congratulate your mom on my behalf.. you’ve never told this before that your mom is a Novelist.. and I am really ashamed to admit that I can not read Kannada.. I started learning, but did not go beyond -aahaa, but I want to learn it, after all its my mother tongue!
      No wonder you’ve got it all from your mom- so we should give the credit to your mom for passing on cooking and writing genes to you..right? 🙂
      Since I can not read Kannada, just brief us about this novel, what is it regarding? I hope one day I will be reading Kannada novels too..
      Those who work 5 days a week, really can not find time for other things, so I can understand..I’ll surely write about good books that I will come across..


  2. Ekta
    Dec 09, 2010 @ 02:19:17

    Here after a v long time….how are you doing? Still in Bangalore?


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