Once upon a time…

Every kid has it’s own world, and that world is complete in itself.. as we grow up we realize that world was never as we saw it then..

I was a shy kid, I preferred reading to running around  – explains my WELL ROUNDED personality;) I was over sensitive and extremely emotional for my age. It was pre-cable TV Zamaana , so I was always immersed into story books, or used to draw..I too had my own world, which was full of myths..

I making a list of some of those things:-

1. I firmly believed that ‘ Pardon’ is a surname.. everytime my dad used this word while talking on the telephone, I thought, he was talking to some Tamilian guy, like Vijayan, Raghavan etc!

2. I always thought that Non-vegetarians caught animals walking down the street and eat it  just like that!! Just the way we eat Carrot or Cucumber.. I know it  was very stupid of me to think like that, but it seriously never occurred to me till I was about nine, that they might be cooking it! Blame it on the books I used to read at that time.. LOL

3. I seriously believed that Indira Gandhi is Mahatma Gandhi’s daughter..I know most of the kids of my age thought the same then..

4. I don’t know from where this stupid thing came into my mind, but I believed that every person lives for 100 years..so I went around asking every one’s age, and did the calculation for them! Kids can be cruel sometimes…

5. If you’ve dropped a chocolate or something equally tempting on the floor by mistake, you can say ‘Ram’ and have it! Of course, this did not apply to regular and boring food items.. but it was applicable to chocolates and candies and peppermints.. how convenient!

6. Like many other kids of my age, I believed that in a movie film stars change clothes very swiftly for  song sequences, wherein they wear 3-4 different costumes!

7.I had seen this crap Ramsay horror movie.. in that movie the ghost – bhootni -in human disguise could not be seen in a mirror, she was visible otherwise..for several days after watching that movie, I was scared to look into mirror..and ghosts are scared of ‘Om’ or ‘Trishool’ so I used to draw  one of these symbols on my palm, just in case… hahaha!

These were some of the weird-childhood myths of mine..Did you have any?