I’m 32……

On 7th of May, I turned 32.. I still remember the dread that  I felt on my 30th birthday..(God,am I 30? Three- zero thirty?? How is that possible? Me n 30???)

The dreaded number which is pointing out that you are approaching to your worst nightmare, i.e. MIDDLE AGE:(

But this year, surprisingly I did not feel the pinch..I was just fine with it. And now that I am an AUNTY officially ( I have an 8 month old niece ) it seems ok to me. My ex-maid who was about 50 used to call me Aunty !

So I guess its ok to be 32. To live a different life every day. Yes! That’s how I live my life..I am all charged up and positive on some days. I turn philosophical on some and become an angry young woman on the other days.¬† My husband has spoiled me too much, and now I’m beyond repair! He puts up with my creative jhatkas , and has learnt to be calm when I’m very angry and upset. He has learnt to watch and appreciate good movies and good food. He knows that I almost turn into a ware-wolf if we do not go out on weekends. And there are many more things that make me feel good about my life..it keeps me always guessing!

SUM, it was nice talking to you last nite! You are a sweetheart yaar! I still can not think of you and Chandu as responsible-married and settled people. I still remember two pranksters I met the other nite!

So, all in all… I had fun when I turned 32…