kitchen konfession

I was reading Sum’s food blog, and saw the pictures of neer dosa… that inspired me to make dosa in the evening. Ok, so I am a south Indian, but I have hardly ever made idli-dosa. These days I buy batter from Food World and manage to make idlis somehow.. but making dosa is the most difficult task for me.
Earlier, I used to blame my tawa for being too thin.. you need thick old tawa, new non-stick tawa is useless to make nice crisp dosas. At least this is what I used to tell my husband every time I tried to make dosa.
Then I bought the thick tawa.. and I imagined myself making nice round crisp dosas and serving him when they are hot. Well, things didn’t go as I imagined. You see, my dosa batter and tawa fell in love with each other as always. My dosa absolutely refused to leave tawa. I tried various angles from where I can scrape the dosa off the tawa, which ever way its possible. And in the end I manage to feed him bit and pieces of something that tastes like dosa!
So, that’s it. Every dosa equals to 4-5 calls to Amma, lots of fighting ( with tawa ) and end up eating bread-butter or maggie!!



Hmmm… it wasn’t as easy as it looks..leaving my old Blog- and starting a fresh was bit difficult. As we all know, we human beings are creatures of habit , we seek refuge in our comfort zones, but then its the human mind which doesnt stop at anything for long and keeps seeking for new things forever. So, see ya then… same place …same time.. 🙂